Gala dinner

We are happy to invite all conference participants to our gala dinner on Wednesday, 26 April 20:30. It will take place at the Restaurant Louise in the famous Oslo harbour area Aker Brygge. Louise is famous for its creative menus that take their guests on a journey through the Nordic cuisine. The gala dinner includes a 3 course menu and includes wine and soft drinks.

The price for the gala dinner is included for EURODOC delegates and observers, as well as all invited speakers.

!NB. Attendees from Norwegian sponsoring universities and other participants need to pay 200 NOK for the whole evening. Separate gala dinner tickets can be purchased here.

For more information about the restaurant, please visit their website:

We are in Norway and people here are quite relaxed about what to wear in the evening - however, with sweatshirt and sneakers you might easily feel under-dressed during the gala dinner. If you need a guideline, you will be safe with a casual elegant evening wear. This means men can - but don't have to - wear a suit and dress shoes. In any way, they don't have to be too formal, i.e. you don't necessarily need a white shirt and tie. A nice jeans is also ok!
Women can wear casual evening dresses or a nice pair of pants with a blouse. For those of you who decide to take a walk from the hotel to the restaurant (ca. 30 min), please remember to take comfortable shoes.
The local organizing committee will be available on the evening to guide you from Anker Hotel to the restaurant. More info about the times when we will be leaving the hotel will be provided during the day.
For those of you who will be going to the restaurant by themselves, here is some basic information how to get there:

- You can take bus 30 (direction Snarøya OR Forneby) or 31 (direction Bygdøy) from Hausmanns gate to the stop Rådhuset. The ride takes around 10 minutes and the busses leave every couple of minutes. From there it is only few minutes walk to the restaurant (see map below)
- It takes around 30 minutes to walk through the city center to the restaurant. See map below.