Welcome - Vegard Stenhjem Hagen
The way forward for Open Science - Ole Petter Ottersen

Session 1 – Why Open Science concerns us all!

Why True Science is Only Open Science - Dr. Pandelis Perakakis

Session 2 – Obstacles to Open Science and how they can be overcome

Session 4 – Academic publishing - Time for a paradigmatic shift?

Session 5 – What we can learn from the Early Career Researcher’s community

March for Science - Slobodan Radicev
Innovative PhD Training within an MSCA European Training Network - Charlotte Teresa Weber (co-authors Melania Borit und Michaela Aschan)
Securing decent work for ECRs: Why the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) is a good but not sufficient policy - Filomena Parada & Anna Tschaut
The evolution of doctoral education - Eva Hnatkova & Fulvio Rizzo